Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kabir Chicken

What is Kabir Chicken?
Kabir Chicken originated in the Middle East, where it is desired due to its very large size. Kabir means “large” in Arabic. Kabir chicken has been distributed throughout the world, gaining popularity because of its exceptional characteristics. Known as the chicken most-in-demand for backyard and small enterprise flocks.

What are the advantages of raising Kabir Chicken?

1. It is superior for meat conversion because of its rapid growth, good body conformation and efficient feed conversion. 2. The chicken is resistant to disease and heat stress. 3. It is large in size and has a “native” taste and texture. 4. When cross-breed with native chickens, the Kabir qualities are retained in the new breed. 5. Feeding cost is low since Kabir chicken can also survive by themselves. They can be raised in the same manner as “native chickens ”. 6. Kabir eggs are low in choresterol.

What are the reproductive characteristics of Kabir Chicken?
. One male Kabir is capable of breeding with 15 to 20 female Kabir. 2. Normally, Kabir chicken begins laying after 26 weeks or 6 ½ months. 3. Kabir layer can lay 200 eggs/cycle. 4. Kabir does natural brooding although may be late, thus should be encouraged to brood.

What are the space requirements of raising Kabir Chicken?

0-3 week @ 20 head per sq/meter
4-6 week @ 10 head per sq/meter
6 above @ 5 head per sq/meter

How much water does a Kabir consumes per day?
1 liter / day.

What are the types of range this chicken can adopt?

. Free-range – unrestricted, no fence. 2. Limited range –restricted, fence

What is the feeds requirement per Kabir?

Booster 200 grams ( DOC to at least one week )

Starter 1000 grams ( 2nd week to 4th week )

Finisher 1000 grams/500 grams ( 5th week/6th weeks up )

If you will try to raise at least 10 heads, how many feeds in kilos will they consume?

For Year 1
: Booster 2 kilos + Starter 10 kilos + Finisher 31.5 kilos
= Total
43.5 kgs @ RM 78.30 @ RM 73.10 (if consume bigC feed for ayam kampung but the protien content quite low)

What is the socio-economic impact of Kabir chicken raising?

Kabir chicken raising is a very good livelihood opportunity to families that desire to have an additional income, and a source of “native style”meat and exceptionally nutritious and low cholesterol table eggs. Also, Kabir chickens’ large size and handsome appearance make them a source of pride, especially among the rural folks.
Kabir chicken production can contribute to the economic and social development. Kabir chicken raising also can be implemented as an alternative livelihood development project aimed to benefit needy families and constituents (Elmer Esplana).

Kabir chicken materials taken from Mr. Elmer D. Permites, Royal Chick Farms, Inc.


Tepi sungai tempat aku lepak said...

salam cik linda... kat mana nak dapat kan ayam baka kabir ni,... aku nak buat induk penelur lah... not for meet... any idea

HS Wong said...

Hi, kabir tak sesuai utk dijadikan penelur yang cost-effective. Leghorn lebih sesuai.

Farizul said...

salam..kat mane ye bole cari ayam kabir ni? nk wat koleksi

ayamlopeh said...

actually a quite sometimes gak tak nampak org bela kabir ni. Some say kabir ni ayam gajah yg satu masa dulu ramai org ternak...kalo saya ada jumpa org ternak kabir / kabir supplier...kita leh share sama nanti.